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Hanging Sauce Dispenser 5L Kit
Hanging Sauce Dispenser 5L Kit
  • Hanging Sauce Dispenser 5L Kit
  • Hanging Sauce Dispenser 40mm
  • Hanging Refillable Container 5L
  • Refillable Container Table Stand

Hanging Sauce Dispenser 5L Kit | UNRO

Item no. 60025
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The Hanging Sauce Dispenser Kit comes complete and ready to use. The kit includes the Hanging Sauce Dispenser by UNRO that has a simple and drip-free design allowing perfect serving of sauce. The 5L refillable container comes with a large lid for easy refilling and cleaning. The complete kit is simple to assemble and enables an efficient sauce dispensing solution for the busy food sector. Say goodbye to messy condiment stations and embrace the reliable efficiency of the UNRO Hanging Sauce Dispenser Kit.

The original Hanging Sauce Dispenser by UNRO has been manufactured in Sweden for over 50 years. Serving the busy food sector from small fries companies to large food producers and is your quality guarantee.

This kit includes 1 Sauce Dispenser 40mm Thread and 1 Refillable Container (5L).

Features & Benefits | Hanging Sauce Dispenser 5L Kit

- Ideal for serving condiments like ketchup, mustard, syrups and all kinds of dipping/topping sauces
- Each squeeze delivers the desired amount of sauce 
- Non-drip design ensures clean operation
- Gravity fed Hanging Sauce Dispenser with minimal waste 
- Dishwasher-safe and easy to dismantle
- The kit includes a cap enabling easy handling for end of day storage
- Pair with a variety of UNRO mounting and hanging options, wall hangers and table stand
- BPA-free food-grade material is used on all components in food contact zones
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